Essentials Set incl. free SIM-Card

Essentials Set incl. free SIM-Card


The bathroom set contains 1x bath towel, 1x towel and 1x shower mat.

In addition, we will provide you with two rolls of toilet paper and a Yesss! Starter Set SIM card for free.

The yesss! Starterset:

including 100 units (MIN / SMS / MB)

suitable for mobile phone, tablet or mobile internet stick

The starter set contains a yess! SIM card suitable for mobile phones, tablets and data sticks. With yesss! complete, YESSS! offers the best value tariff. For smartphone customers, the cheapest mobile plan is available for only 9.99 euros a month.

With 01.01.2019 it became a legal obligation to register prepaid SIM cards. You can register your prepaid card quickly and easily in many places or online.

Shower Mat:
Bath Towel:
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